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Monday, August 29, 2005

Geoplotting Your Web and Blog Site Visitors

Greetings. This blog will be used mostly in tandem with my Perl-Tips blogsite to show you how to determine where your web and blog site visitors are coming from, and how to analyze the historical data. (I'll also have a PHP site, but that's in development.) Whenever possible, I will separate the concepts from the hardcore programming, so that those of you who are only interested in the ideas can still follow along.

As I mention in my Perl-Tips blog, these blogs have entries that take a fair bit of research to write, so I will not be posting here regularly quite yet. However, I may put in tidbits that relate to GIS (Geographical Information Systems) between longer posts, so that you know this is going to be an active blog.


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This weblog/journal deals with a variety of topics relating to geographical data, as well as GIS (Geographical Information Systems) software and GPS devices. Posting is currently suspended, until a new version of this journal has been developed.

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