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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Important Applications In GIS/GeoPlotting History

One of the first applications of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) packages was for home-ranging animal herds to determine their habitat. Another important application, since the mid-1980s, has been by police forces to track crime locations and to show geographic patterns. Criminals tend to be creatures of habit - pretty much like most human beings - and will stay within a certain territory - much like some animals. However, a more calculating crook might throw police of his/her trail by consciously breaking from habit. Nevertheless, by colour-coding crime scenes based on crime details and categories, it's often still possible to see patterns, especially by overlaying other coloured maps based on demographic data that applies to various geographic sectors.

From all accounts in the GIS industry, police forces have been making excellent use of GIS packages and crime maps. In the United States, with several states now planning to affix GPS satellite-tracked devices on criminals on house arrest. History repeats itself, as police forces will no doubt be home-ranging such criminals to make sure that they stay within certain boundaries.

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